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Farming, Business & Commercial Disputes - Farming Disputes and Agricultural Claims

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At National Compensation Lawyers, we value and understand the importance of farmers and the agribusiness to Australia. Some of our staff reside in rural areas.

Farming takes significant personal and capital investment. We appreciate legal issues can cause financial, physical or psychological hardship. Whether the dispute relates to land claims, contaminated soil or feed, organic farming issues, defective machinery, chemical or spray drift, water claims, agricultural tenancy disputes or contractual disputes, the effect is always detrimental to your core business.  

The farming population within Australia is aging. Disputes about the interpretation of Wills, succession and the inheritance of land are, and will continue to become, more prevalent. National Compensation Lawyers have experts to deal with these types of claims.  

National Compensation Lawyers understand that farming largely remains a family and community based business. It is important to resolve matters as amicably as possible. However, within this context, we always focus on achieving the best result for you. We will provide no nonsense plain English advice and guidance.  

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