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Farming, Business & Commercial Disputes - Overview

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Farming, business or commercial disputes can often be very complex and expensive. We are aware of the financial pressures farmers and business owners are exposed to. At National Compensation Lawyers (NCL), we focus on the core issues and will guide you through the process as quickly as possible. We try to minimise legal costs by resolving matters early. Our entire focus will be on achieving the best possible outcome for you.  

However, if a matter has to proceed to Court, we will “be in your corner” fighting for you, but in a way which ensures your costs are kept to a minimum.  

Depending upon the nature of your dispute, time limits will apply to your matter. Accordingly, we recommend you urgently contact a National Compensation Lawyer to obtain further information.

Our Commitment to you

National Compensation Lawyers are Fearless. We will take on difficult and complex claims.

National Compensation Lawyers are Determined. We will fight to ensure you receive you maximum compensation entitlements.

National Compensation Lawyers are Compassionate. We genuinely care. We will guide you through the claim or legal process with patience and understanding.

For more information or to arrange an obligation-free consultation with a lawyer please call us on 1300 FEARLESS (1300 332 753).