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Public Liability & Other Accidents - Overview

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If you have suffered a physical or psychological injury, or your property has been damaged, as a result of another’s negligence, lack of care or fault, you may be entitled to compensation. The law provides the occupier of a property owes a “duty of care” to people who might enter the property. This duty includes ensuring the premises are safe and have no defects.

It does not matter if the incident occurred in a public place, for example, a shopping centre, shop, school, park, beach, entertainment venue or hotel; or a private dwelling, for example, a house owned by family or a relative or a rental property. You may also be entitled to compensation for injuries/damage caused by, for example, boats, aircrafts, dog attack, assault or food poisoning.

In most situations the occupier of the property has public liability insurance and the claim is ultimately handled, and paid for by the insurer.

Typical compensation which you will be entitled to if you have a public liability claim for personal injury include past and present medical expenses, attendant care, past and future loss of income and your pain and suffering.

Each State has its own rules in relation to public liability claims, injury thresholds which need to be met and time periods for lodging claims. You will need expert advice regarding your claim, rights and entitlements. National Compensation Lawyers will provide this advice, ensure your claim is handled properly and that you receive your maximum compensation entitlements.  

When you contact National Compensation Lawyers (NCL), a lawyer will obtain full details about the circumstances surrounding your claim, and coordinate the collection of all other information so as to enable us to fully assess your claim and the prospects of success. Your injuries will be considered and assessed to ensure you meet the appropriate State thresholds. Whilst all the initial “groundwork” can and should be done as soon as possible, it is important your injuries stabilise. We need to determine whether they are permanent or temporary. This will affect the amount of your compensation.

National Compensation Lawyers offer visiting services throughout Victoria. If you have an injury which causes you to remain in hospital or leaves you housebound we will come to you.

National Compensation Lawyers act on a No Win, No Fee” basis. Simply put, this means that if we do not win, you do not pay our legal fees.  

Please read more about Public Liability Claims in our FAQ section.

Our Commitment to You

National Compensation Lawyers are Fearless. We will take on public liability insurers and their lawyers.

National Compensation Lawyers are Determined. We will fight to ensure you receive your maximum compensation entitlements.

National Compensation Lawyers are Compassionate. We genuinely care. We will guide you through the claim or legal process with patience and understanding.

For more information, or to arrange an obligation-free consultation with a lawyer, please call us on 1300 FEARLESS (1300 332 753).