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Asbestos Claims - Who can claim? - National Compensation Lawyers

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If you have developed an Asbestos related disease, it is likely you are entitled to very substantial compensation. To claim compensation, you need to be diagnosed with an Asbestos related disease, which includes Asbestosis, Pleural Plaques, Lung Cancer or Pleural Mesothelioma. Exposure can occur at work, at home or in a public place.


For those that have been exposed to Asbestos in the course of their employment and have been diagnosed with an Asbestos disease, your rights and entitlements are governed by the WorkCover Scheme. For further information, please refer to:

If your partner or family member dies as a result of Asbestos related condition arising from exposure at work, a claim for compensation may still be available to the Estate and/or the dependents of the deceased.

There are time limits in making a Worker’s Compensation Claim and it is important you seek legal advice as early as possible.

Exposure to products or in a Public Place

If you have been exposed to Asbestos in non-work related circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation. Some common examples include:

  • Asbestos exposure when in a public place;
  • Asbestos exposure when on a construction site;
  • Asbestos exposure when handling products or goods;
  • Asbestos exposure when undertaking home renovations.
  • Asbestos exposure when upon a rental premises.

In situations where your exposure has occurred in non-work related circumstances, your rights and entitlements are governed by public liability Laws.

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