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Workers Compensation & Comcare - Making a claim against the at fault party - National Compensation Lawyers

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In addition to your WorkCover rights, a worker who suffers an injury in the course of their employment may have a right to bring a Common Law claim for damages.

Damages include:

  • compensation for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life; and
  • compensation for economic loss, including past and future loss of earnings and lost Superannuation.

To be entitled to damages at Common Law, an injured worker must satisfy:

(a)  the negligence/fault of their employer and/or other party. For example:

  • an unsafe system of work;
  • unsafe or defective equipment;
  • careless or unsafe practices of co-workers; and

(b)  you have suffered a serious injury as defined by the WorkCover legislation.

A Serious Injury is defined as:

  • a permanent and serious impairment or loss of body function;
  • permanent serious disfigurement;
  • a permanent severe mental or permanent severe behavioural disturbance or disorder;
  • loss of a foetus;
  • a permanent impairment assessment of 30% whole person in accordance with your permanent impairment claim.

There are strict time limits to bring a Common Law claim. Usually an injured worker has 6 years from the date of injury to bring an action by filing a Complex Legal Application.

Even if you do not consider your injuries to be serious, you should obtain our legal advice from National Compensation Lawyers regarding your possible right to claim.

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