Fighting the TAC? Look No Further! Absolutely Fearless, Ethical & Compassionate – Exactly Who You Need In Your Corner!

Anyone who has had dealings with Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission will know how utterly soul destroying, humiliating & life shattering their attitude, heartlessness & tactics can be. First and foremost an insurance company, the TAC act as if a law unto themselves, ignoring their obligations to the survivors of road trauma & counting on the complete & utter lack of Government checks & balances which may otherwise keep them in line. This was my family’s experience.

If this has also been your journey to date in seeking assistance and/or compensation then I encourage everyone who is struggling in their dealings with the Transport Accident Commission to contact the team at National Compensation Lawyers without further delay.

Not prepared to sit by whilst the TAC & Workcover repeatedly circumvent their obligations to the injured, NCL take their clients suffering as a personal affront and respond accordingly. Demanding answers, insisting on transparency, pushing back twice as hard, calling out the lies and ensuring every, single base is covered, National Compensation Lawyers are a formidable opponent and a force to be reckoned with.

Equally as compassionate for justice as they are for their clients to be cared for, I received constant support, information & updates via a multitude of methods. Additionally, I was provided with direct, personal access to my lawyer whom would respectfully answer all of my questions & went to great lengths to understand my concerns when raised, graciously allowing me the time to talk them through.

Of course any legal battle will incur expenses & this is unavoidable. However I am proud to share with you that NCL are most definitely NOT in this for the money. Whilst there will be a need for costs & fees to be covered when required, for that is the legal system within which we live, unlike the many “compensation specialists whom clearly see TAC claimants as cash cow opportunities” – Michael Tanner and the Team at NCL do not fight to win their clients compensation only to then turn around and take a large chunk of it off them in legal fees.

In my experience I saw first hand how with fearless determination they fought to ensure that my rights were protected & that any and all available entitlements were secured. Just as important I also came to understand that there is a strong sense of morality that permeates this team of lawyers and that is what I firmly believe sets them apart from their peers in the industry.

In conclusion I am pleased to report that following a four year battle during which Michael Tanner and the Team were by my side every step of the way – our victories were many and the financial outcome far exceeded what I had hoped for. Better still I am sure that the Transport Accident Commission was taught a legal lesson or two that they sure will not forget in a hurry! So please do not hesitate and do not give up – contact the Team at National Compensation Lawyers today, I am confident that this will be one decision that you will not regret.


Positive: Professionalism

National Compensation Lawyers have absolutely exceeded my expectations.

Micheal and everyone that was invloved in my case was such a help.

They helped me at a time where I felt so defeated and never expected the results and justice I got. National Compensation Lawyers made my legal process and journey so easy for me to understand and comprehend.

I would honestly trust and recommend them to anyone needing help with a compensation claim.

I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The team are so amazing, understanding, reasonable, honest and friendly.

Never been so happy with with legal help. Their time is priceless and outcomes are astonishing.

Michael Tanner - National Compensation Lawyers

I would like to thank Michael Tanner and his team for making my experience as easy as possible, through this difficult time.

Nothing was too much trouble and I was always treated with respect from the office staff through to the Barristers. I would have no hesitation to recommend Michael and his staff for their expertise and compassion.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Really professional organisation. Michael Tanner is kind, honest, understanding and incredibly patient. In a very respectful manner, Michael tells it like it is so there are no misunderstandings or surprises in store.

I am sure he gets asked the same questions dozens of times in a week, yet he listens, answers in detail, ensures everything has been understood and asks if there is anything else he can explain.

He is extremely knowledgeable, assesses the situation at hand and advises of the steps that need to be taken. He outlines the tasks for both himself and his client and always follows through.

I can’t recommend Michael Tanner and National Compensation Lawyers highly enough, truly they are one of a kind.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Michael and Amy handled my son’s injury compensation claim and we couldn’t have been more impressed. They were understanding and compassionate right from the start and throughout the long journey, always acting in my son’s best interests.

They were always available to discuss details of the case, provide consistent updates and we always felt heard and informed which was important to us. We dealt exclusively with Michael and Amy and they did a great job making us feel we were part of the team and not just their clients.

Always thorough they left no stone unturned and leading into a potential trial they put together a first-class team who gave us the confidence to push on but at the same time were always realistic and measured with their advice so we knew exactly where we stood.

The dedication and attention to detail shown by both Michael and Amy was critical in securing a positive outcome which made the entire experience worth the significant effort. Months after wrapping things up we are still in touch and they have been happy to continue to provide advice and assistance which shows they are not only great lawyers but genuinely caring people.

Ultimately they delivered an outcome that exceeded our expectations and has made a significant difference to our son’s future. Thank you Michael and Amy!!!