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Our highly experienced team will navigate your medical negligence claim, ensuring the best outcome for you.

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National Compensation Lawyers - Melbourne's Trusted Medical Negligence Team

If you’ve been harmed due to medical negligence, you can trust our dedicated Melbourne lawyers to fight for justice on your behalf. The aftermath of a personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence can be devastating – even more so when it’s been caused by a medical practitioner – someone you trusted to take care of your health.

Medical malpractice claims can result in physical pain, delayed recovery and financial strains. Then, the emotional turmoil and feelings of disappointment or betrayal often come with this sort of experience, which can be overwhelming. While it may seem harrowing to pursue compensation amidst recovery, early action is vital for peace of mind because strict time limits apply to make a claim.

Medical Negiglence
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What Sort Of Injuries Can Be Covered By A Medical Malpractice or Medical Negligence Claim?

Unfortunately, a wide range of experiences lead to people seeking a medical negligence claim. Some of the claims we commonly work with are:

  • When incorrect treatment has been provided for an illness or injury, or appropriate treatment has not been provided
  • Medication errors, such as the wrong dosage of medicine or anaesthetic being given or the wrong type
  • Test results that have not been shared promptly or accurately interpreted by a health professional
  • Injuries resulting from cosmetic surgery and dental work
  • Medical work that has been performed without reasonable care and skill
  • Failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Birth trauma, such as obstetric or c-section-related issues
  • Failing to inform or obtain proper informed consent
  • Sterilisation issues
  • Psychological injury or trauma resulting from a medical procedure
  • Defective medical products

Each state has its own set of rules governing medical negligence claims and deadlines for filing. It’s crucial to seek expert advice to fully understand your rights and entitlements. Our team of medical negligence lawyers is here to provide guidance and ensure your claim is handled effectively to secure the maximum compensation you deserve.

How Can A Medical Negligence Lawyer Help Me?

Doctors, dentists, hospital staff, chiropractors, chemists and other medical providers do make mistakes. Medical negligence is an extensive area that can include failing to diagnose, misdiagnoses, errors with surgery or post-surgical care, errors relating to medication, failure to obtain proper consent, and the like.

A claim may arise if you believe you have been injured due to your medical provider’s lack of care or failure to properly inform and provide all information about your treatment (especially information about the associated risks) or properly obtain your consent. A medical negligence lawyer will help you gather the necessary documents and evidence and ensure you are aware of your options when making a medical negligence compensation claim.

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Why Choose National Compensation Lawyers for Your Medical Negligence Claim?

At National Compensation Lawyers, we empathise with your challenges and are dedicated to securing the best outcome for you. We are more than specialist medical negligence lawyers – we are passionate advocates for justice, recognising every matter has a human story behind it that deserves to be heard.

We understand the arduous journey of medical negligence claims and how hard it can be to prove medical negligence. Our team is here to remove the weight of the journey, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure you can make a successful claim if you have been injured by a healthcare provider. We aim to streamline the process and minimise your stress. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with working with one of Melbourne’s leading medical negligence law firms, supporting you every step of the way.

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Navigating the legal complexities of an injury from a medical professional can be overwhelming. We’re here to support you and ensure your voice is heard throughout the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Medical Negligence Lawyers Melbourne

Medical treatment is complex. To successfully claim, it is necessary to show that your medical provider has been negligent, that is, did not act reasonably and breached their duty of care to you. Your injury must have resulted from the negligence of a medical professional and be severe enough to meet the appropriate thresholds, which vary from State to State.

Accordingly, it is necessary to have expert knowledge and understanding in this area. Many law firms do not have the experience and will not deal with these matters because they are “too hard”. At National Compensation Lawyers (NCL), we have the appropriate expertise and determination. We have access to an extensive list of medical experts to enable us to determine whether your medical provider has been negligent and whether you meet the threshold.

Given the time periods for making a claim, the need to establish negligence and to ensure your injury meets the appropriate threshold, we recommend you contact National Compensation Lawyers urgently and speak to a lawyer about your circumstances. We will:

  • Obtain all facts and information surrounding your circumstance.
  • Obtain copies of all medical reports and associated documentation.
  • If necessary, obtain a further expert medical opinion to support your claim;

Compensation can be claimed for physical, psychological and financial loss. It can include past and future medical expenses, nursing and attendant care costs, rehabilitation and support costs, past and future loss of earnings, lump sum compensation and an award for pain and suffering.

Time limits apply to medical negligence claims, which vary from State to State. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact a National Compensation Lawyer to obtain appropriate advice urgently.

If a family member has passed away as a result of inadequate or improper medical treatment, a dependent may have further compensation entitlements available.

Given the time periods for making a claim, the need to establish negligence and to ensure your injury meets the appropriate thresholds, we recommend you contact National Compensation Lawyers as soon as possible to understand your rights and entitlements.

The first steps of the legal process include:

  • Our team will take detailed instructions as to your injuries and the circumstances in which you were injured. You will be given clear advice at your initial appointment and the further steps in progressing your matter.
  • From the beginning, obtaining your medical records and medical reports from your treating doctor (if appropriate) is essential.
  • In most circumstances, NCL will arrange for an independent medical expert’s opinion concerning the severity of your injuries and the circumstances of your injury.
  • Legal proceedings will be commenced, for which several steps will be completed before a resolution or hearing of your matter.
  • You will be frequently informed of the progress of your case and the further steps to be taken.

Your compensation entitlement is dependent on the extent of your injury. You can claim for physical, psychological and financial loss. Compensation can include past and future medical and hospital expenses, nursing and attendant care, rehabilitation and support costs, past and future loss of earnings, lump sum compensation, and an award for pain and suffering.

In medical negligence matters, assuming you can establish your injuries were caused by negligent medical treatment provided, you may be entitled to claim compensation for:

  • Non-economic loss, such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life
  • Past and future lost wages and income caused by the injury
  • Past and future costs of medical expenses and treatment arising from your injury

Medical providers must take reasonable care of their patients and provide care levels up to an expected standard. If they fail, and this failure causes or contributes to an injury, then the patient may have a compensation claim. It is essential to understand that medical treatment is complex. Not all errors or injuries arise from negligence.

The injury you suffer needs to meet a certain threshold. Each state has different thresholds. We recommend you contact a National Compensation Lawyer to obtain details in this regard.

Yes, each state has set time limits for lodging claims. In Victoria, for example, a person has three years to lodge a claim. In certain exceptional situations, a Court can extend the period for lodging a claim. However, we do not recommend you take a chance in this regard. Please contact National Compensation Lawyers urgently.

In medical negligence claims it is normal for health insurers, Medicare, and Centrelink to have made payments. When settling claims, these payments need to be considered and repaid. National Compensation Lawyers will explain this process in greater depth to ensure you have no hidden costs.

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