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If you’re feeling overwhelmed after a public liability accident or injury, you are not alone – and as some of Melbourne’s public liability lawyers,  we can help you move forward if you have an eligible compensation claim.

Physical pain, loss of earnings, and emotional distress can leave your life feeling upside down after an accident. We understand the challenges of initiating a compensation claim, especially if you are still in recovery. However, taking action as soon as possible is essential – not just for your peace of mind but to ensure your claim is made within the relevant time limits.

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What Are Public Liability Claims?

If you’ve suffered a physical injury or psychological injury, or your property has been damaged, as a result of someone else’s negligence, lack of care or fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation under public liability law. The Law provides that the occupier of a property owes a “duty of care” to people who might enter the property. This duty includes ensuring the premises are safe and have no defects.

Whether the incident occurred in a public place, such as a shopping centre, shop, school, park, beach, entertainment venue or hotel – or a private dwelling, for instance, a house owned by family or a relative or a rental property, it’s possible you can make a claim, with or without the help of a public liability lawyer.

Public liability law covers other areas for which you may be entitled to compensation, including injuries or damage caused by boats or aircraft, being attacked by a dog, assault, or food poisoning. In most situations, the occupier of the property has public liability insurance, and the claim is ultimately handled and paid for by the insurer. Talk to our team about how we may be able to help. 

Our Public Liability Services

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Negligence and Public Liability

We’ll seek justice for negligence and public liability matters leading to personal injuries.

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Medical Negligence Claims

Expert representation for compensation claims arising from medical injuries.

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Workplace Injuries & Accidents

Advocating for your rights and securing compensation in cases of workplace injuries.

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Traffic Accidents

Assisting in obtaining rightful compensation after incidents involving vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport.

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TPD & Superannuation

Dedicated support for compensation claims related to total or permanent disability.

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Asbestos & Silicosis

Advocacy and swift representation for claims related to asbestos exposure.

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The emotional toll of an injury or accident can profoundly affect many areas of life. Beyond addressing legal aspects, we provide empathetic support and straightforward advice about your options. Our team of highly experienced public liability lawyers will assess your matter and, where possible, ensure you can make a successful public liability claim. Seeking justice is about reclaiming control over your life, and you can rely on our team to expertly guide you through the legal process.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Public Liability Lawyers Melbourne

The Law provides that the “occupier” of property owes a “duty of care” to others. This duty includes ensuring the premises are safe, have no obvious defects and are adequately maintained. A claim can arise on public (e.g. parks, beaches, roads) or private property (for example, a home, pub or other entertainment venues).

A public liability claim can also extend to injuries suffered as a result of a physical or sexual assault, injuries caused by animals (i.e. dog attacks or horse riding accidents) and those injuries which have occurred as a result of recreational or sporting activities (i.e. bike riding/walking tracks or where the oval, arena or court has fallen into disrepair).

Please be aware that every state has its own regulations concerning public liability claims and set timeframes for filing claims. Strict time limits generally apply, and making a public liability claim as soon as possible is essential.

Seeking expert guidance on your claim, rights, and entitlements is essential. Our team of personal injury lawyers is here to offer advice to ensure your personal injury claim is managed effectively and you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

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